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I provide healing massage therapy to clients in the comfort of their homes.

Let me bring my Custom Table and I’ll help you Relieve Stress, Reduce Tension, Manage Pain and reach an overall sense of well being. If you are seeking Medical Massage Treatment in New Jersey, look no further. If you need a Rehabilitating Therapeutic Massage or need to work out the kinks with a Deep Tissue Massage, I have 11 years of experience as a fully-licensed massage therapist. I offer a variety of modalities an invite you to explore my LIST OF SERVICES.

I Work 7 days a week:
Mon - Fri - 9.30 - 7.00 pm
Sat - Sun 10 - 7.00 pm

I cure all types of health problems, Such as ARTHRITIS PAIN, SCIATIC NERVE PAIN, LEG KNEE PAIN, MOTION MASSAGE, BACK PAIN, I will make your body release NATURAL PAIN KILLERS, relieving you from all pain and Suffering.

Medical Massage Traveling To You, LLC FAQ

1. How long in advanced should I make my appointment?
- Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Although, you may call to check for availability.

2. How distant may outcall appointments be?
- Outcall appointments may be made as far as 30 to 35 miles from me.

3. What forms of payment are accepted?
- Cash is the only accepted form of payment.

4. How many sessions are recommended for my injury/pain?
- Most clients feel a 75% decrease in pain after their first session. Relative to their condition and type of ailment, further sessions may be recommended.

5. What lotions/oils are used during the therapy?
- Professional Biotone massage oil is used during the therapy. Most of our oils are made from Jojoba and Aloe. These oils wash out more clearly and completely than any other oil tested. They are also scent free and hypoallergenic.

6. What techniques are used during the therapy?
- My 12 years of experience as a therapeutic massage therapist in combination with holistic medicine.

7. Can longer sessions be booked in advanced?
- Yes, sessions may have up to a 2 hour limit.

8. If I am physically disabled, is massage therapy safe?
- In most cases, yes. Using ample information about the disability, I can discern wether massage therapy if a safe course of treatment.

9. What amount of space is needed to set up the table for a session?
- A space of at least 10 x 8 feet is needed to properly set up the massage table.

10. Do I have to be completely undressed during a massage session?
- You should undress to the level you are comfortable. Typically a massage is performed completely undressed, but if you choose to stay in your underwear, it is completely fine.

11. How long does a massage treatment last?
- Typically, a full body massage session lasts an hour. A half-hour session only allows time for a partial massage, such as neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet. Many people prefer a 60-90 min session optimal relaxation.

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